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“Planning in Ontario 1966-1975: A Review of Activities” – according to the library record, the last person to sign out this beast was in 1986.  Given the huge popularity of this masterpiece I am only provided a measely one week loan – the rationale being that this is a government document and that Canadians around the country have been stampeding their local libraries and depositories in order to sink their teeth into irrelevant picture-less typewritten reports from the 1960’s….so, you know…you only get it for a week – then if you are an hour late, we charge your ass.

Which is exactly what they did.  I’m sitting here staring at a $7.50 late charge for items that no one wants.  No one, except me…but I just pulled them because I needed some potential sources for proposal and I will most likely not even open these up beyond the abstract. Of the seven reports I have, not one has been checked-out in the past 10 years.

Ridiculous.  If these were recent reports (most of which are PDF anyways) I would understand a need for maintaining a time period on loans, but this stuff was written when my dad was still an undergrad, pushing ideas which are out of fashion, if not disproved.

Bloody Canada and their late charges, service fees, service charge, activation fees, regulatory-cost recovery fees, atm transaction fees, setup fees, non-refundable deposits, graduate student fees, abandoned-rabbit shelter fee…

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  1. Baoru says:

    And that’s the reason why they’re charging you for it. 😛 No one’s borrowing it except you, so they’re not earning from keeping that material in their shelves. So they’re overcharging you to make up for lost time. 😛

  2. Sue Crosby says:

    Please reconsider!!! The Abandoned Rabbit Shelter fee is a very worthy and important source of revenue. Peter, Flopsy and Mopsy have devoted their lives to providing shelter and food to all those little UVic bunnies whose promiscuous mothers have abandoned. Public donations are not enough – which is why the shelter fee became necessary. If it weren’t for the ABS fee (which is added to all alcohol purchases on university campuses across the country) it isn’t difficult to imagine what would happen to all those homeless and abandoned rabbits! You shouldn’t get into a stew about such a fee or those cute little rodents will. I’m sure there must be equally good reasons for all the other extra fees that we pay in Canada!

  3. Bryan says:

    Rabbit Stew Fee.

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