The Harmonious City

I knew that this forum was taking place in my old stomping grounds of Nanjing, but if I didn’t know the location…well the forum title “Harmonious Urbanization” provides all the information one needs to determine that this conference is hosted on the Mainland.

I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past twenty minutes trying to figure out what “harmonious urbanization” means….

I suppose it is the opposite of “diverse urbanization” – which appears to be the current framework for urban planning in most western countries.

It is such a great example of the continuing divide between East and West (for lack of a better term).

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  1. angela says:


    any idea?

    btw, u remember Carl? the american guy who comes to starbucks a lot and talks with every foreigner he sees and never stops? i think he is now a volunteer for the forum.

  2. Bryan says:

    It’s a little like a lot of things I read on China Daily. Promote scientific development, promote urbanization, continue reform, promote social harmony and ecology etc….it’s a lot of big words…

    It reminds me a lot of the modernist approach used extensively in North America several decades ago (possibly still in use in some forms even today)…without the social harmony aspect…it was more “white people planning for white people” back then…which brought along some very bad problems – and that is why there is a strong attempt to move towards embracing diversity. But that is a very North American perspective – not necessarily suitable for China where the population is generally homogenous.

    heh heh heh – Carl….that dude would talk to me for hours about anything and everything…very interesting fellow (although he is a bit down-on-his-luck) but at times it was annoying…especially when I was trying to get work done.

    Send him my regards if you see him

  3. Bryan says:

    I would have liked to attend that forum – as I knew about it long before I left Nanjing.

  4. angela says:

    sure he remembers u?
    he does grab every chance to chat…with anyone and everyone…
    no regular guest dares to say hi to him now.
    though i was curious abt his forum experience, never tried to ask… god knows how long this conversation gonna take…

  5. Bryan says:

    He would probably remember – the dude practically told me his life story.

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