I had forgotten how annoying Halloween is.

I don’t like shopping and I especially don’t like purchasing items that I will probably only use once, and those two acts compile are large part of the Halloween experience.

I don’t really like dressing up either, but I like a good party – and Halloween parties, unfortunately, are usually really good.

If I want to party – I need to dress up, which means I need to go shopping which requires me to buy things I don’t really want and don’t really need.  Unfortunately, I also believe that if one is going to all the trouble of dressing up – one might as well do a good job (ie. no devil horns or ghost sheets).

In 2004 I though I had solved this problem.  I would build a good costume – one I could re-use again, again, and again – thus solving this situation once and for all.  My Indiana Jones outfit was created, fedora and all.

This costume obviously accompany me abroad and continues to sit in storage…3000km from my present location and thus completely useless.

…and I find myself in the same prediciment, despite the money and time invested into my solution.

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  1. 宝茹 says:

    Why don’t you just boycott Halloween? 😛 I don’t celebrate it. But it’s fun just being in the season.

  2. Jeremy Lang says:

    Hey Bryan,

    If you want a few pictures of your out fit let me know and I will email them to you.


  3. sue crosby says:

    Oh come on……….Halloween is great!!! You get to pretend to be something (or someone) you aren’t and never will be be. I love Halloween and I love dressing up and I love how excited the kids get and how much enjoyment and fun they get from dressing up. Costumes can be as cheap or expensive as you make them. (By the way, your Indiana Jones hat is in the front closet). Happy Halloween!!

  4. Bryan says:

    Ah, my Jones suit!

    I went rather simple this year. A Crazy 88 from Kill Bill Vol. 1. I’m not Asian though, and I didnt’ have a Katana – so I had to do a lot of costume explanation.

  5. angela says:

    trick or treat~

    for pics, not candies~


  6. Bryan says:

    I think there were one or two floating around on Facebook…..

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