Weekend Update

I’m currently munching my way through a multiculturalism planning paper so I’m a bit empty headed regarding posting concerns but I think I might post the paper when I’m finished as it is not very long and reads more as a narrative story rather than an essay.

Some interesting things from this week:

The Canadian Army operates a Afghan radio station out of CFB Kingston broadcasting into the Afghanistan.

Anthropocene -from an lecture on security and environmental change.  Good lecture although I was surprised at how Robert D. Kaplan (one of my favorite essayists) was ripped to shreds by the presenter.  I also didn’t feel that my question regarding the role of the Canadian military in environmental change was adequately answered…I couldnt’ tell if I was being ridiculed or not.   Those policy study types are very obscure.

I was in Toronto last Saturday for a field trip.  First time to Canada’s premier city although I have to admit I’m not nearly as impressed by Toronto’ apparant built environment.  I just felt it to be rather mediocre given the mythical status is seems to hold in the Canadian mindset.  I specifically target the skyline and built structures, as I’m sure the social environment is as vibrant as it is reported.  I suppose it could be that I cut my ‘urban-teeth’ in Asia where the skylines and built landscapes are…well…massive.  I was good to see some of the developments in that area that are often mentioned in class – such items are very abstract unless physically experienced.  Visiting the new urbansit community of Cornell was the highlight for me as those design concepts only existed in text for me but I could finally put a space to the words, concepts and theory.  New Urbanism is rather controversial, but I liked what I saw.

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