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With a pseudo “Asian” theme interior design complete with required bamboo pieces (not sure if they are real or of the plastic variety) and hip wood tables with aluminum seating, easily takes the tea/beverage experience up from the grimy couches of the CoGro. The wide selection of interesting magazines I noticed on my last visit warranted a second glance this week and I wandered over there to grab a black and browse through articles not available in the online version.

Ah, Macleans – Canada’s very own answer to Time and Newsweek…I think I’ll start with you….

…except you are from 2007.  No worries, I spy an Economist nearby…hmm…you are also rather dated…2007 vintage I see…

Looks like it’s going to be a newspaper session…lets see…National Post…two weeks ago…Globe and Mail…October 10th.

I am starkly reminded of my parents old ski cabin where magazine issues date back to 1991 and quite possibly earlier.

I eventually settle on the Macleans and begin reading a Conrad Black article from 2007, chuckling mildly…”oh how the mighty have fallen”.

If there is a way to take the current out of current events, this little coffee house excels at it.

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  1. Sue Crosby says:

    Actually I think there is a 1989 copy of Ski Canada hiding at the cabin someplace 🙂

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