Election 2008

59.1% voter turnout.  Congratulations Canada, you are what makes western liberal democracy what it is today!  You sure make the veterans proud!

Like most recent elections (or possibly all – at least the ones I can remember) there was a BIG push among party leaders and other activists to get the ‘youth’ to vote and to fight so-called vote apathy.  It would seem that anytime such efforts are made, voter turnout actually decreases.  Which leads me to only one conclusion – Electoral reform must consist of creating a citizen/civilian class system in which the youth of the nation are sent into space to fight giant insects in order to earn the privileges of citizenship.

There is no other way.

Get some.

4 Responses to Election 2008

  1. Allison says:

    hahaha. That actually made me laugh out loud. You are so ridiculous.

    We should watch that movie at Christmas 🙂

  2. Bryan says:

    Service guarantees Citizenship, Allison!

  3. goebbels says:

    Allison doesn’t have what it takes to be a citizen, she’ll have to head down ‘washout’ lane as they say

  4. sue crosby says:

    ha — move back to bc ………. the voter turnout was higher here and …….the insect population (mountain pine beetle) is already under control thanks to mother nature who has helped it run its course. The need for young strong youth to fight the insect giants is finally over (although the financil toll has been considerable). Citizenship is optional, antennae and chainsaws mandatory.

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