More media and planning

Has a profession developed mainstream appeal and acceptance when a music video is created?  Actually, it’s not really about planning – but definitely has a SimCity vibe to it (again, I’m ripping this video off my instructor…I’m very unoriginal).

Some one recently asked me if my numerous hours logged on SimCity 2000 back when I was a kid were coming in handy now.  I wouldn’t say that the hours were well spent but it is difficult to deny some of the similarities between that program and some of the things I’m doing now.  Some of the projects in AutoCAD and GIS are easily the real-world equivilant of SimCity, although on a smaller scale (subdivision layout for example).

Maybe one day I’ll get to produce something like this – Man, it would be awesome to be part of an ambitions project like this (even if they are architecture students)

Going to vote on Tuesday 🙂

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  1. 宝茹 says:

    Hahahahaha…I love the Sims! Wow~ this is such an old game already! 😛 But it’s really fun.

    My affair started with Sim Tower. This is bringing back memories. 😀

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