Coffee and Gyms

I’m not generally against coffee house background music, provided it adhere within the confines of the term ‘background music, tubed music, canned music or even shit music’.  Several places of coffee persuasion can be found within the limestone quarry of Queen’s campus and the particular one I am patronizing at the moment chooses to play music that doesn’t adhere to the rules of background music, but rather chooses a different sound direction more akin to an outdoor concert. Honestly, I’m not yet clear why I continue to find myself inside CommonGrounds when the Tea House (a more quaint establishment) is three minutes down the street. The mystery continues…

Another pressing oddity is the concept of the 24 hour gym. Prior to purchasing a membership at Goodlife (at a killer price and because Queen’s has despicable recreation facilities) and the idea of a 24 hour fitness center only existed within the fantasy world of the Simpsons.  A place were one could walk in at all hours of the day and get tips from celebrity muscle heads (aka Rainier Wolfcastle…aka Arnie).

I think that part of the joke surrounding that episode revolved around the idea of a 24 hour gym.  I mean, seriously…who works-out at four in the morning other than Ranier Wolfcastle?  Apparently enough people in Kingston.

Not a very interesting day, huh?

*In tetrospect, the music isn’t bad (a good mix of 90’s alt-rock)…just too loud

2 Responses to Coffee and Gyms

  1. Sue Crosby says:

    Hey – at least it isn’t 80s music!

  2. Allison says:

    I love that episode…

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