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By Bryan • china, grad school, queens, surp, urban planning • 3 Oct 2008

I was a bit of a library/book nerd when I was an undergrad (actually, probably ever since I became a library helper in grade 5).  Having such an occupation would involve numerous hours browsing around looking for interesting items in a university library.  That’s right…in a university library looking for non-fiction books to read that are not related in anyway at all to required or even suggested course readings.  Let me tell you, I was the coolest kid on campus.

This habit diminished significantly during my time abroad but I suppose it was only natural that it would make a return with my return.

My program doesn’t involve much time in the library as most of our readings are provided in course packs and relevant journals can be easily accessed online and printed at the school – nevertheless, I thought it was time to visit Stauffer (the visit would also correspond with a project for one course involving graphically modeling the library).

In an attempt to keep my China skillz current (in regards to planning) I searched up some books on the topic and recorded down their call numbers.  Call numbers are quite long and I am quite lazy, so after only one I noticed that most planning books held the first four digits in common thus would probably be found in the same section of the library – so a marched off confidently to the HT166 section of Stauffer. Sure enough, the books are there….all three bloody rows of them – I should have written down the whole call number.

I managed to find the several books I was looking for but I soon found myself surrounded by hundreds of relevant, current and damn interesting books on planning.  The Stauffer Library urban planning section is quite good (too me at least, maybe it has an awful selection…I’m not edcuated enough to know – ignorance is bliss).  I quickly discovered that I’m interested in almost all of them and in all aspects of planning…except maybe housing.  Despite being probably one of the most important and relevant aspects of urban planning, housing just isn’t sexy….my concentration, land use is far sexier.

Planning sexy?  *slap* – When was the last time you heard a woman comment – “I love a man that plans”.  It’s usually the attraction to a dude’s spontaeous nature – something which is the anti-thesis of the planning profession.

So here I am – back to my dorky ways.

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7 Responses

  1. Allison

    you ARE a dork.

  2. Hey! I thought we agreed on keeping things civil!

  3. Allison

    I would have never agreed to such a thing.

  4. You have no idea what I am capable of doing this Christmas…I know where you live.

  5. Sue Crosby

    Some things never change :)

  6. Lucinda

    I love a man who plans…especially his fondue! How you doing, buddy?

  7. I prefer spontaneous fondue…:-p

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