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The Harmonious City

I knew that this forum was taking place in my old stomping grounds of Nanjing, but if I didn’t know the location…well the forum title “Harmonious Urbanization” provides all the information one needs to determine that this conference is hosted on the Mainland. I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past twenty minutes trying […]


I had forgotten how annoying Halloween is. I don’t like shopping and I especially don’t like purchasing items that I will probably only use once, and those two acts compile are large part of the Halloween experience. I don’t really like dressing up either, but I like a good party – and Halloween parties, unfortunately, […]

City of Billionaires

Moscow the most expensive city in the world?  Absolutely! The cheapest hostel I could find in Moscow back in August set me back 40USD for a bed in some dude’s 3 bedroom converted Soviet-era apartment.  Moscow was also where I discovered the terms “face-blocking” and “auto-blocking”.  Both are methods that are apparently used extensively at […]

Photos from Japan I

In keeping with my impromptu Japanese theme today, I’ve uploaded and tagged the first group of my photos from the two weeks I spend in Japan in July.   From Kyoto and several districts within Tokyo.

Procrastination Animation

From – Try watching this for a few moments and become hopelessly lost and strangely amused.

Weekend Update

I’m currently munching my way through a multiculturalism planning paper so I’m a bit empty headed regarding posting concerns but I think I might post the paper when I’m finished as it is not very long and reads more as a narrative story rather than an essay. Some interesting things from this week: The Canadian […]


This article is a good example of why I love The Economist. This newspaper hopes profoundly that this will not happen. Over the past century and a half capitalism has proved its worth for billions of people. The parts of the world where it has flourished have prospered; the parts where it has shrivelled have […]

More Coffee

With a pseudo “Asian” theme interior design complete with required bamboo pieces (not sure if they are real or of the plastic variety) and hip wood tables with aluminum seating, easily takes the tea/beverage experience up from the grimy couches of the CoGro. The wide selection of interesting magazines I noticed on my last visit […]

2009 Worst Country in the World?

Don’t worry, the Economist Intelligence Unit is on the case.  Personally, I would nominate Somalia as possibly the worse place in the world to be at the moment (and that’s probably not going to change in the next few months)….although Iceland did go bankrupt this year…. Previous winners include Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. The only prize […]

Election 2008
Election 2008

59.1% voter turnout.  Congratulations Canada, you are what makes western liberal democracy what it is today!  You sure make the veterans proud! Like most recent elections (or possibly all – at least the ones I can remember) there was a BIG push among party leaders and other activists to get the ‘youth’ to vote and […]

More media and planning

Has a profession developed mainstream appeal and acceptance when a music video is created?  Actually, it’s not really about planning – but definitely has a SimCity vibe to it (again, I’m ripping this video off my instructor…I’m very unoriginal). Some one recently asked me if my numerous hours logged on SimCity 2000 back when I […]

Coffee and Gyms

I’m not generally against coffee house background music, provided it adhere within the confines of the term ‘background music, tubed music, canned music or even shit music’.  Several places of coffee persuasion can be found within the limestone quarry of Queen’s campus and the particular one I am patronizing at the moment chooses to play […]

Photos from a short trip in Laos

I only managed to squeak in about 7 days in this little jungle country but managed to get out some decent photos, especially from Luang Prabang.  Also some shots from Vientiane.

Stauffer Library

I was a bit of a library/book nerd when I was an undergrad (actually, probably ever since I became a library helper in grade 5).  Having such an occupation would involve numerous hours browsing around looking for interesting items in a university library.  That’s right…in a university library looking for non-fiction books to read that […]

Manufactured Landscapes II and the Nail House
Manufactured Landscapes II and the Nail House

Edward Burtynsky (Manufactured Landscapes) was at Queen’s this evening and presented a number of his photos and discussed his goals in seeking out and visually documenting the world’s industrial landscapes.  Unlike his documentary, he presentation didn’t focus on China and including more recent work in the Alberta Tar Sands…he also spoke quite a bit more […]

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