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I wasn’t expecting to plug my physical planning course via this site but today’s lecture brought forth some interesting media tidbits. The course is taught by the VP of the 7500 employee architectural firm HDR|Mill & Ross Architects, who has also apparently become somewhat of a minor celebrity in Kingston through is rather experimental house.  He utilizes a very lively and diverse teaching style employing a large number of practical situations interesting stories regarding various planning and architectural projects, both local, national and international. 

I’ve found these media pieces to be very interesting and via the convenience of Youtube thought it would be apt to post some on here.

Koyaanisaqatsi.  More specifically the modernist tragedy and demolition of the Pruit-Igoe public housing project of St. Louis.

Powers of Ten – 1977 film depicting the relative scale of the universe through zooming logarithmically in and out beginning from a square meter starting point.  Apparently this was the first time this sort of concept was displayed in consistent zoom…far before the advent of Google Earth.

– Architectural rendering company.  3D CG films of proposed and in development building and projects from around the world. Makes drawing a culdesac in AutoCAD look like sketching your house in Kindergaarten.  Toronto’s Pier 27 is worth a look.

Tron.  Actually, this wasn’t part of any lecture, but I thought that some of the first human-CG interaction would make a good contrast to some of the latest!

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