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For the time being I’ve opted against purchasing Internet for my apartment largely because of the expense incurred for just one user and the fact that SURP has a very decent connection and wireless is available all over campus.  This means I can’t browse the headlines in the morning or in the evening (unless I’m on campus) so the most efficient way of viewing is to fire up the old RSS feeder.  I’ve dabbled with such feeders in the past but I found that given my solid 24/hour net connection in Nanjing (both home and work) I had the opportunity to surf at leisure and enter the individual websites one at a time.

Recently I haven’t had an opportunity to keep up with the comings and
goings in Big Red and I’m just now getting back into the habit of
reading blogs and various other websites pertaining to China.  Given
that I’m not longer in that country I’ve also had to update my reading
list to include local Kingston news more Canadian content…possibly
even more urban planning items.

Browsing through Fallows blog I was blown away by how blue Beijing has been lately.  It truly is unbelievable and I remain in awe that it actually looks like that and it stands as a great example of the huge impact that automobile emissions have on the air-quality of a city.  Factories obviously also play a big role – but the draconian traffic measures implemented up to and during both the Olympics and Paralympics truly highlight the evils of vehicle exhaust.  Every time I’ve been to Beijing it has retained the qualities of Fallow’s July 20th photo.

I have yet to find any Kingston or Queen’s related blogs.  I know they are there but it continually surprises me how many bloggers and other site owners don’t list their URL on a major search engine (Google, for instance).  A site isn’t listed by itself…one needs to actually submit the URL to a webcrawler. Even the WordPress engine hasn’t picked up much of interest. 

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