Plumbing in Kingston

I failed to mention that I had some rather annoying plumbing issues that I discovered when I first moved into my suite.  Adequate plumbing is not generally something one considers when browsing for housing – one just assumes that the toilet will flush and the water will drain within a reasonable time period.

The first couple showers I had (great water pressure by the way) didn’t drain and I would quickly find myself slopping around in fifteeen centimeters of water.  I’m rather indifferent to wading around in water but it was several hour long drain process that pushed my threshold – that and the fact that the water would drain but any particulate and soapy matter wouldn’t.  A little disgusting.  The toilet didn’t drain very well either and ther were a few times I suspected that it would overflow on to the washroom carpet (yup – this is the first bathroom I’ve had without some sort of tile flooring…which I think I would prefer…but I suppose that beggars can’t be choosers).

My plumbing skills extend as far as utilzing the very complex plunger system.  If that fails (which it did) I must solicit my very kind land-lady for plumbing support.

I was woken at around 12 noon by the plumber.  Why was I still sleeping at 12 noon?  Because one often drinks a lot of on a SURP pub crawl and the walk home from the last bar was significantly longer than I anticipated.  What was apparently suppose to be a very quick fix turned into a two hour long plumbing and plunging extravaganza.  I learned all sorts of interesting trade secrets – like how this sort of plumbing work makes up a very, very small proportion of a plumbers profession but cleaning out drains is what they are most famous for, how a toilet really works, how plumbers really don’t make as much money as people think they do and why Obama is the best thing to happen since the invention of the water-closet.

The drain cleansing component of the plumb profession is a filthy, filthy job and I won’t describe what was coming out of the drain system other than it retained paste-like qualities and I didn’t put it there (being a new tenant).  The drain-snake plowed 32 feet into the pipe system whirring and twisting and pulling out nasty substances all over the floor behind my washroom.  I had no idea that pipes could be that filthy.  It is one of those easily over looked items of home living.  Down the drain…out of sight, out of mind…heh heh heh…not likely.  Do you know what your pipes are carrying?

Probably best not to think about it actually.

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  1. Sue Crosby says:

    Thanks Bryan – that was definitely my laugh for the day!

  2. angela says:

    couldn’t stop laughing~~
    u know my present starbucks store has a bathroom, right?
    i think u may understand my plumbing fun now~

  3. Bryan says:

    I should have offered the plumber a delicious plum. I just though of that…I’m not know for the speed of my wit.

    The 1912 Starbucks washroom is a little peaceful sanctuary nestled away from the noise, chaos and bedlam of that particular outlet :-p

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