Yes…YOU have my wallet

If wondering whose wallet you have in your hands persuaded you towards google…you may have encountered ME!.  Yes…you have it…you found it on a bus from Bohinj to Ljubjana and didn’t bother to give it back to me as I stepped off the bus (It fell out of my pocket and was most likely sitting on my seat).  I was the totally soaking wet fellow with the totally soaking wet bag who looked like he was completely out of it (which I was…2 days of constant rain in a tent will do that to you).  You may have found about a 100 dollars worth of assorted currencies which are of no use to you and maybe 100 Euros and about 250USD…which may be of use to you.  An expired drivers licence, an expired visa and a visa that has never been activated are also there.

Please…have some good Karma and maybe a reward (contact)

2 Responses to Yes…YOU have my wallet

  1. angela says:

    sorry to hear that.

    take care.

  2. Philip Sutherland says:

    Hey Brian,

    Just cleaning up my favorites list and found a new and improved Bryan Crosby dot ca. Awesome to see that I can once again live vicariously. Too bad about the wallet! Are you coming back to Canada for that teaching gig? Guess I could have emailed/facebooked this but what the hell!? Take care bud.


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