Just wrapping up two quick days in Belgrade. My travels have rapidly devolved into the standard North American adventure in Europe – ie. blasting through as much as possible in the shortest possible amount of time. Busing tonight over to Kotor on the Montenegro coast and then back up to Sarajevo and then over to Dubrovnik on the Croatian Coast…haven’t planned further than that.

Belgrade contains an “Old Town” which appears to be a mandatory spatial unit if one wants to be taken seriously as a European (even if you are Serbia) city. Prices are good as is the food, atmosphere and sights (heh heh heh).

There are also a few scars of the ’99 NATO air-campaign…the most notable being the bombed out Serbian Army HQ, just up from the main train station. It would appear that it is being preserved as is. The one thing that is striking about it to me is it stands as a demonstration to how incredibly accurate US munitions are. The two buildings each contain a bomb hit straight down the center which drove several floors into the building before blowing out the front and center portions. Surrounding buildings remain untouched and bear no noticable serious repair evidence. This gives rise to my belief that US forces only miss when they want to miss (using GPS JDAMs at least). The accuracy of these hits really pounds in the theory that the hit on the Chinese embassy during that same campaign was deliberate and hardly a mistake…although the actual reasoning behind the targeting remains obscure (bad maps, demonstration to Chinese forces, targeting of Serbian communication units within the embassy among others).

Lots of meat on the menu here so if you are carnivorous in nature, this is the place for you.

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