Notebook Death

My old averatec officially passed away.  The monitor no longer functions thus effectively removing my ability to keep a decent journal of my activities.  The ability to sit down and type away at when I had the time is one reason I decided to make frequent posts.  Tracking down affordable net-bars just isn’t a very good option and hostel internet services are limited to one computer/50 guests.

Currently in Riga and still debating whether or not to go down and east towards the Balkans or West towards “Old Europe”.

4 Responses to Notebook Death

  1. Bryan says:

    On my way to Belgrade and the rest of the Balkans. One look at the USD-Euro exchange rate essentially forces one out of EURO-zone countries and into other interesting areas.

  2. Sue Crosby says:

    Guess you may have to resort to an oldfashioned paper based journal 🙂

  3. Bryan says:

    I haven’t written anything by hand since grade school.

  4. Sue Crosby says:

    I noticed 🙂

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