Below you will find a number of entries that I wrote mainly while on the train from Vladivsotok to Irkutstk.  Some are related to Japan and others to the actual train trip but I haven’t placed them in order because, as usual, internet prices are high and I’m not keen on using my $4/hour net time orgainizing, adding links, photos and spell checking entries.  Arrived in Irkutsk this morning and looking will most likely be going to Baikal for about three days beginning tomorrow morning. As suspected, Russia is becoming more interesting and exciting as a move west.

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  1. Ron Crosby says:

    Great posts Bryan! I’m so glad you are keeping a journal of this amazing adventure. I particularly liked the Mt Fuji recount. I honestly didn’t know that you could camp up there. I expected there to be more regulation I guess. Very interesting to hear about the abandoned factories etc. So little do we know about that part of the world. Hope your eye gets better.
    Keep up the entries.

  2. Bryan says:

    Going to Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal tomorrow and hopefully bound for Moscow on the 30th.

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