Vladivostok 2008

I’m keeping my posts short because I’d like to keep my internet bar time to a minimum because in addition to hourly rates, users are also charge a bandwith premium.  Traveling the eastern seaboard of Russia (namely Vladivostok) is no walk in the traveling park.  It’s not impossible, or even difficult for that matter…just frustrating.  Despite being the terminus of the apparently popular Trans-Siberian railway there is essentially zero traveler facilities avaliable in city.  No hostels.  No information.  No written English (usually associated and found in hostel environments).  And not much help.

I’ve been writing items here and there on my rapidly deteriorating laptop and post them when I find a decent and free wire-less hotspot.  Maybe in Irkutsk which apparently offers more in the way of traveler services. I’m not a whining “ohhh…there’s no English!!!” person…I hope I’m not coming off like that.  However, when one is paying high prices for accomodations and food in a city which appears to have alot to offer – it is frustrating to know that you are probably not getting the most of out of your time/money spent because you just are not made aware of what is avaliable and what is out there.  There just isn’t any information and few if anyone seems willing or avaliable to provide any.

Shame for such a beautiful city.

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  1. Dagny says:

    My dad taking the trans-siberian railway this fall. I hope his trip is less frustrating!

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  2. Sue Crosby says:

    Jonathan said that he didn’t find many people willing to help him when he was in Moscow either. Do you think the people are really unfriendly or suspicious of foreigners or maybe they really don’t know how to act toward people from the outside.

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