Japan 2008 II

Travel karma levels appear to be maintaining as I enter phase two of my ’08 travels. The Fushikiki/Vladivostok ferry berth purchase went through today and I’ll be able to pick up my ticket tomorrow morning before departure at around 6pm. However many question marks still remain regarding the Trans-Siberian ticket situation, the validity of my visa (apparently it is good for 30 days commencing upon entry, but mine says July 7th to August 7th) and customs.

I’ll be sailing aboard this sucker which, according to photos and descriptions, doesn’t seem to shabby. Transport time is about 42 hours – arriving sometime on the 20th. I’ve book a homestay in Vladivostok through HOFA largely because I’m looking for some assistance getting the train tickets I want and because there isn’t any other options in Vlad, short of 100 dollars a night. Vladivostok is seriously lacking any sort of budget accomodations…which is actually rather surprising given that all of the other major stops along the TSR (Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg) all have several cheaper options.

Given the length of this voyage, I hope to catch up with some entries regarding my time in Japan – including my time in Tokyo, on Mt. Fuji and moving through the Japanese Alps.

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