Don’t pull my tail! Cats and coffee in Tokyo

Wi-fi and magazines not enough for you?

Just around the corner from the pulsing blare and brightness of the Akihabara electronics and anime district, cafe Neko JaLaLa is an oasis of calm. Past the brass, paw-handled door to the inner sanctum, denizens loll on the thick carpet, drape over couches, and almost purr with pleasure in the quiet atmosphere.

And that’s just the humans.

It’s the eight staff cats who actually set the tone here at this “cat cafe.” Customers can sip tea, just as at regular cafes in Tokyo, but the felines – some sashaying cool, others chasing their own tails – are the point at the city’s cat cafes.

Cats, says Tetsunori Oda, a system engineer who likens cat-gazing to looking at art, are “a way to relax and let go of my stress.

I do miss my cats.  There is just something about having a ball of fur curl up in one’s lap…although I don’t miss the ear-nibbling and door scratching in the middle of the night.  If there was such cafes here in Nanjing, I would probably be a regular – I’ve thought about getting a cat before but I occupy a similar lifestyle niche as one of the guys mentioned in the article…I’m just not in a position to take care of one in a responsible or long term manner.

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  1. Sue Crosby says:

    They miss you too Bryan!! Particularly Mittens who simply cannot come to terms with having a canine in the house again, particularly one as persevering and friendly as Raven. She would definitely approve of a cat bar. I think Peewee would fit in well too – he’d be Mr. Cool checking out everyone else!

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