Plastic Bags

On June 1st, thin plastic bags (with a thickness of less that .025mm) were banned in China and bag-charging has been implemented for all PVC bags. Prices appear to range from .3 to 1RMB per bag, depending on the size. I was aware of this ban last week but I was curious about how it was going to be implemented by the retail sector. I recall a year or two ago a chop-stick tax was passed in an effort to stem the use of disposable one-time chop-sticks. Based on my own observations, it didn’t seem to have a very far-reaching effect, as I am still noticing just as many chop-sticks scattered around street at night as I did before the tax came into affect.

The bag law seems to be working overtime though. I haven’t been offered or given a plastic bag of any kind since June 1st.

Compare this to Canada, where Ontario is just now making the first moves to ban bags…but only in provincial liquor stores.

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  1. angela says:

    i totally love this bag law, but i’m waiting to see how far it is gonna go.
    don’t actually remember anything about the chopstick tax though. ever happened in nanjing? u sure?

  2. Bryan says:

    Yeah, it was back in 2006

    heh heh heh…apparently there was also a plastic-bag tax back then as well (or so I wrote).

    I get a kick out of reading those old posts 😉

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