Top Ten Buildings in Nanjing

This will be the first entry posted suing scribefire, a nifty Firefox plugin which allows direct postings from within Firefox – thus avoiding the somewhat annoying process of logging into my CMS to make an entry (one is aware of living in a “now” generation when the simple process of logging into a website is considered time-consuming).

Scribefire also offers some rather powerful editing tools including what initially is appearing to be superior text rendering options, simple Youtube and image entry abilities and instant quotations. All from a window minimized to the bottom half of my browser, allowing a completely syncronized surfing and blogging experience!

In addition to scribefire, I also added the fireshot extension which enables not only easy screenshot capabilities but also a very fast editor for manipulating any web images you want to change to fit your needs (although this raises some interesting copyright questions…)

The top ten buildings in Nanjing from

This webpage also includes similar images for most major cities around the world. A serious effort on part of the webmasters.

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