Olympic Torch in Nanjing

The Olympic Torch (yup, the same one that caused all the trouble in Europe) moved it’s way throughout Nanjing this morning.  It’s route took it about 5 minutes from my apartment, but I decided against attending festivities for a number of reasons.  Mainly because I just have no interest in the Olympics and even less interest in the hype creating by the event.  This goes for any Olympics, any year, in any country.  I’ll concede that I have a softer spot for winter Olympic games because I feel the events are generally more exiting and relevant to my personal interests, but I’m indifferent to where they are held – Vancouver 2010 means absolutely nothing to me at all.  Secondly, the torch run in China is more akin to a massive Fourth of July parade and I…well, would feel just as out of place there, as I would feel at a massive Fourth of July parade. It may be one world, but it is probably not my dream.  I’m dreaming about that Russian visa right now…

…and I wanted to use the opportunity to have a nice un-rushed breakfast.  My official excuse for why I didn’t attend was that my alarm didn’t go off…

Quite a nightmare finding transportation to work today…should have just given anyone with any ties to the event the whole day off.

It was interesting to discover (but hardly surprising) from my students that attendence was mandatory for them at this event as was wearing a T-shirt provided by the Coca-Cola company.  One student, while still supportive of the event, was rather angry had having be whore’d out by his school as an adversisment and even more annoyed at being shuffled out to the street at 6am to wait for a torch that passed at a 11am.

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