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Olympic Torch in Nanjing

By Bryan | china, nanjing

The Olympic Torch (yup, the same one that caused all the trouble in Europe) moved [&hellip

Russian Visa

By Bryan | personal, tokyo to paris overland, travel

I’ve been slowly creating itineraries and plans for my upcoming cross-asia adventure and the planning [&hellip

Nanjing at Night

By Bryan | china, entertainment, nanjing, personal

There is a thread going on over at The Straight Dope asking the fairly straight [&hellip

Charity and the reality of disaster logistics

By Bryan | blog, china

From Jiao Na had come a long way to help the people of Sichuan. [&hellip

Park View Dingshan

Park View Dingshan

By Bryan | china, nanjing, personal, urban planning

The Park View Dingshan Hotel (丁山花园大酒店)is another Nanjing real estate anomaly and easily as puzzling [&hellip