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Olympic Torch in Nanjing

The Olympic Torch (yup, the same one that caused all the trouble in Europe) moved it’s way throughout Nanjing this morning.  It’s route took it about 5 minutes from my apartment, but I decided against attending festivities for a number of reasons.  Mainly because I just have no interest in the Olympics and even less […]

Russian Visa

I’ve been slowly creating itineraries and plans for my upcoming cross-asia adventure and the planning is proving to be quite the adventure itself.  I’m not much of a planned traveller.  This isn’t to say that I don’t have a plan and that I just ‘go’ to places randomly with little thought, but rather than I […]

Nanjing at Night

There is a thread going on over at The Straight Dope asking the fairly straight forward question of “do you go to bars alone?” The verdict seems to be it is quite common among many. You can now add me to the category of ‘those who hang out AT the bar, IN the bar…alone”. In […]

Charity and the reality of disaster logistics

From Jiao Na had come a long way to help the people of Sichuan. A Chinese teacher living in Kunming, she had seen the pictures and heard the cries for help. Not content to mail supplies, she contacted a local health bureau in Chengdu and arranged to purchase the supplies they said they needed […]

Park View Dingshan
Park View Dingshan

The Park View Dingshan Hotel (丁山花园大酒店)is another Nanjing real estate anomaly and easily as puzzling as the Greenland Financial Center. An afore mentioned warning…the following is written by someone who hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about and is really just a bunch of mush observations backed up by hardly any evidence thrashed […]

Nepal Photography II

I’m debating the best way to post my Nepal side Everest Base Camp photos as I have many…too many  This was an EPIC trek, and I think it rates as the most amazing thing I’ve done.  Mindblowing.  All of my travels are dear to me, but there was just something about this place… Currently, I’ve […]

More Earthquake Thoughts

I wrote little regarding the recent increase in Chinese nationalism and noticeable rise in anti-western sentiments last month, but to paraphrase my feelings, I continue to be very suspicious and concerned regarding some components of this nationalism, the fenqing (angry youth) and what some bloggers have cleverly described as the Red Guard 2.0 (a play […]

Earthquake Charity in Nanjing

Grass-roots earthquake relief efforts are well underway in Nanjing and out in full-force this weekend. I donated money on Wednesday and was asked again at my company on Thursday. That night I also unknowingly attended a benefit concert at a local bar. But this morning I encountered a rather unwanted situation around the Shanxi Lu […]

Nepal Photography

The total gallery count is up to 2153 photos. This number only includes half of my Nepalese photos and none of the shots I took this past winter in Southeast Asia. By the time I get those up the count will most likely be pushing 3000. New additions from my time on the Tibet/Nepal border, […]

Nanjing Greenland Financial Center
Nanjing Greenland Financial Center

I walk past the 375 million dollar Greenland Financial Center development about three or four times a week and have been around since ground was first broken on this behemouth back in 2004. Flash-forward to 2008 and construction is zooming along with the first outer glass plates being added. I have somewhat of an obsession […]

Twitter me this
Twitter me this

This post most likely provides ample evidence that I was not swallowed by the earth or buried in rubble. Unfortunately, many other people have. Tens of thousands of people across southwest China remained buried beneath rubble on Tuesday as rescue workers struggled to reach areas cut off by a powerful earthquake that has left thousands […]

Boring Life Update

To me Phenom Penh will always be a bit more than just another developing city, for it is here that I received some of the best news of the year, possibly the last 5 years. During the months of January and February of this year I was bouncing around South East Asia bagging the countries […]

Site Validation

Unfortunately, I just discovered that this site appears absolutely fubar in IE7. It looks fine in Firefox (which is what you should be using anyway :-P) but the layout is terribly mangled in other browsers. This is very embarrassing. I’ll try to get everything validated ASAP. *update* I spent the whole afternoon twiddling with this […]

Everest in Flames

The good kind. The Olympic flame has reached the top of the world. Live television footage showed a Chinese mountaineering team holding up a specially designed torch along with Chinese and Olympic flags Thursday on the top of Mount Everest. I’m quite impressed by the feat. Achieving a summit is admirable in itself, but managing […]

U2’s “One” – Still relevant? Relevant to China?

I’m probably the last person who should be writing about music. I haven’t followed any sort of artist since…well, I’ve never followed any artist. New music? Ha, I can’t remember any album releases since Matt Good’s Beautiful Midnight back in 1999. Actually, I don’t like writing about music as I feel that some of the […]

Wow, you still have a website?

About a month ago (March?) I realized that it had been roughly a year since I had posted on, or done anything with, my website…except pay hosting and domain fees! Since I have some time at the moment and I’m also feeling in a somewhat creative mood, I mused that it would be a good […]

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