Because even though I tell everyone I have no time, I still seem to find it to waste on useless fantasy factoids and get caught up with internet chain surfing. Don’t ask how I managed to surf across the Wookiepedia, which inevitably led me to AtomFilms whereI found this short gem.

Everyone knows The Battle of Hoth was the coolest thing to happen in Star Wars, ever. Now it’s got its own documentary.

If it’s too dorky for you (and it probably is) you may choose instead to browse around AtomFilms, there are some really good shorts archived.

I think I was just complaining about how I don’t have a enough intellectually stimulating things to do. I’m such a loser 😛

5 Responses to Hoth

  1. Sue says:


    but you have still retained your sense of humor which in the big scheme of things is often more important than intellect as a way to get through challenging situations!

  2. Bryan says:

    Did you know the Planet Hoth is actually named after German General Hermann Hoth? Apparently his tactics on the Eastern Front formed the basis of strategies employed by the Empire against the Rebel Alliance.

    Feel free to continue mocking….

  3. minister of propaganda says:

    I think that tops the list of the dorkiest starwars fan fiction films I’ve seen…. it even gives the legendary “Star Wars Kid” a run for its money

  4. jessica freeman says:


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  5. windi says:

    i was watching the shooting stars tonight

    the stars from Gemini

    it was very nice

    i like stars

    it is not as bright as moon

    small and starlit

    but sometimes they are warm

    and bring the hope

    so people like making a vow when they see shooting stars

    i heard that one star means one life when i was a little child

    Maybe it is superstitious


    i like this blue iced planet also

    it is beautiful in the moive

    i hope i could travel there someday ^-^

    glad to get your message

    actually, i did nothing

    Just hope you are happy

    We are both smart~ :-p

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