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I missed the excitement at my school as a former investor returned to kick some ass over some unfinished financial and resource business. This fellow…we’ll call him Jerry (actually, that is his real name) didn’t have enough balls to stir up shit himself, so he came equipped with what can only be described as rent-a-gangster bodies (they’ve been coming in and out of the school for the past several weeks) as it’s doubtful that Mr. J is on a buddy buddy basis with six mercenaries. Apparently this time the rent-a-gangsters muscled everyone out of the school and shut down classes half way through the day. This is how we do business in China when it doesn’t go our way. I always miss the interesting events. I’m told the issue remains unresolved.

Courtesy of the Bro and YouTube.

Canadian troops in action. This videos are absolutely incredible. I’ll admit, it’s odd seeing our troops in this capacity, largely because Canada hasn’t really seen combat like this since Korea (or possibly the Medak Pocket in Croatia) and also the fact that media now enables us, as civilians to watch it unfold. Pile on boys.

Platoon of Princess Pat’s ambushed. Pile on.

Dawn raid on a Taliban compound

July engagement with Taliban forces. This clip really highlights the need to provide intensive training to Afghan forces. Note the differences between the way CF forces use their weapons and the Afghans.

And finally, what I should have put up for Remembrance Day.


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  1. Mike says:

    Hey B

    Just to give you a bit of an idea of the type of training soldiers go through before being deployed to Afghanistan.

    I was recently involved in an excersize (from the air side) for the troops going over to Afghanistan in February. It took place in Wainwright, Ab.

    I was absolutely amazed by the realism of the training. All the troops wear a vest with laser sensors on them, and they have lasers fitted to the end of all their weapons. Every type of projectile/bomb imaginable can be simulated. It is essentially a huge game of laser tag on steroids. When a soldier gets hit, there is an LCD display on the vest telling him where he got hit, and what his inures are. “Referees” are scattered around the battlefield to make sure everybody plays fair.

    Hundreds of ethnic Pakistani and Afghani actors have been hired to play civilians and Afghan National Army. They only speak Pashtun to the soldiers, so the soldiers have to get used to using interpreters.

    There are mock villages in the training area. Some are friendly, some aren’t. If the troops accidentally piss off a friendly town, then that town becomes hostile.

    The scenarios are constantly morphing so the actions of the soldiers one day will affect what happens the next day. Also, the scenarios incorporate the latest tactics being employed by the taliban.


  2. Windi says:

    hi hi Bry

    Glad to read your blog

    It is interesting

    and tells me a lot

    You are experienced and thoughtful

    As for Remembrance Day in Canada

    i don’t know it at all

    Maybe i know something about China better

    Like The Communist Party Foundation Day is July 1st

    The Chinese Army Foundation Day is August 1st

    Have you heardof it?

    It is part of Chinese history and politics

    Btw,i saw your pic on the newspaper at the dusk

    It is the advertisement of your language office

    you smiled in the pic on the right side

    Good good (^-^)

    Nice to read Mike’s comment also

    Thank you for the beautiful day

    Good night.

  3. Sue Crosby says:

    What a powerful video. Thank you. My class (7 year olds) is making Christmas postcards to send to our troops in Afghanistan tomorrow. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll show them the video. We talked alot about our troops around Remembrance Day. It always amazes me how much so many of them know and how aware they are of what is happening. Often so much more than adults.

  4. Bryan says:

    YouTube is full of very good photo tributes.

    Thanks for having your students send cards. I’m proud to see that grade twos are aware.

    The awareness of the average Canadian on this subject is often disgraceful. I’m not proud of that.

    Mike, I’ve been reading alot of rumors regarding Griffin deployments to A-Stan. You’d know better than anyone. Truth to these rumblings?


  5. Mike says:

    There are currently no plans to send Griffons over. However, most of us want to go over there and support the troops on the ground…which is our job after all.

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