Trouble (can’t think of a better heading)

I’m coming in very, very late on this one, largely because it happened during my travels but I’m still bearing the repercussions. It involves the internet rallying of a netizen nation against one shameful foreigner who documented his sexual exploits while living in Shanghai. I feel that this moron deserves the lynching for the crap he is causing the rest of us foreigners.

I’m not going to bother linking all of this stuff as I’m lazy and you can browse for it quite easily yourself.

What bothers me about this asshole and others like him (back in 2004 I came across a blog owned by a overweight, over aged white fellow chronicling his sexual exploits in Kunming…complete with photos of unsuspecting victims) is their complete selfish take on their position in China. I wouldn’t consider myself to be any bastion of moral authority, and I’m honestly not concerned about how many women claimed by these individuals or even their preferred acrobatic moves. What I’m concerned (and fucking pissed) about their complete absence of cultural sensitivity and understanding within a very sensitive society. By publicly posting such exploits, they have completely ignored the massive mob backlash that occurs whenever an item brushes the grain against Chinese public morals or honor. The have no clue as to stereotyping and labellings they are participating in. Why am I concerned? Because the stereotyping I’ve had to deal with since day one in China have increased +1. I’m white, I’m an English teacher, and I have a blog.

Over the past two weeks I’ve gone on several different dates with several different local women. Each one mentioned this fellow in Shanghai, and it was fairly obvious that I was being subtly interrogated as to my intentions. Furthermore, given the wide use of internet in China, most Chinese people are aware of this blog in Shanghai, and I couldn’t help but notice an distinctively cooler atmosphere from other patrons who observed myself with local women. There is a nasty habit of stereotyping in this country (as seen with opinions on various minorities) and this latest Shanghai incident merely further confirms to many locals the personal habits of all foreigners. It is often taken here that the actions of one foreigner represent all foreigners, and I find myself being compared to other foreigners whom a Chinese person happens to know, or has read about somewhere.

However, however scary, dangerous (and of course, insanely childish) I find this new wave of radical Chinese nationalism, I think it is important to recognize that it is probably here to stay the argument that people should up and support such a individual based upon his beatings at the hands of Chinese nationalism and xenophobia. Part of cultural understanding is accepting that despite wanting to, one is not going to change culturally ingrained attitudes and that those changes have to come from within the culture itself. At times outside pressure helps, but in this particular situation it would probably do little, as it appears that the Chinese are fairly universally united against this sort of ‘foreign imperialism’ as one person labeled it as.

Posting crap like that only further ingrains and expands the established stereotypes and adds a little bit of extra mafan into my life.

*update* I wrote this yesterday but didn’t post it. The following might be a little incoherent, and possibly contradictory (although I hope not). Anyways, today something happened with provides further evidence of the seemingly increasing hostile atmosphere faced my foreigners in China. A number of days ago I was contacted by a foreigner who was interested in working for my school. The fellow had a number of questions, which I answered. The following day I signed into MSN, to discover that I had been added by an unknown person. I inquired to whom this person was, to which I was received an response indicating that she was a friend of the before mentioned. I’m not a big fan of strangers (ie. people I didn’t give out my address to) adding themselves to my list…I mentioned this only to receive the response along the lines of “oh, you think your pretty hot shit?” Obviously, I wasn’t impressed being abused by someone who has little idea of who I am…even more so over the internet. I calmly typed “What the fuck?”….followed by a pause and reconsideration that I wasn’t going to take this shit and engage in conversation…so I just told them to fuck off. I then deleted the contact (Unfortunately I forgot to block). Seconds later a message popped up accusing me of being a sexual predator out only to bang as many chinese girls as possible. This was followed closely by “you foreigners are all the same lazy, pathetic losers”.

I fuming mad about this. Not necessarily the abuse, but how it perfectly dovetails into all of this nonsense occurring over in Shanghai regarding this sex website. I seriously feel like I’m branded now in China. Abuse like this never manifests itself in an old fashioned confrontation, there is too much face at stake…you’d never have this kind of stuff said straight to you (or your girlfriend…all though she probably hears all the comments). But, they would say it too you online, and that I find a bit more scary, as it reinforces what many people are thinking, they just don’t have the balls to tell you outright.

This is my third year in China now, and I cannot believe the rise anti-foreign sentiments. Maybe it was always there, and I just didn’t notice it at first, but I sure as hell notice it now. Foreigns stabbed to death in Fujian, curb stomped in Nanjing, rundown in Guangzhou.

Get bent you stereotyping uber nationalist dicks. That also goes for dumbass ignorant foreigners who start all this shit in the first place.

*more photos are up*

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  1. Sue Crosby says:

    Another sign that its time for you to come home!! How about Christmas??

  2. Bryan says:

    No, I won’t be chased out because of something like this. …doing something like that is so typical ‘spoiled’ foreigner. I’ll leave on my own terms.

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