Slacking off on the blogging, due largely in part to a bit of an unwanted change in interest from China related media to events in Afghanistan. If you are up on those events, I recommend checking out the following commentary regarding recent combat casualties in Canada and the apparent ‘low morale’.

Audio Commentary: It’s from a CanWest reporter in Big A, so there is an obvious slant, but it is a good alternative to the usual suspects. The Globe is my homepage and first source for AFG news, but recently they’ve been catering to the Canadian Public, who, as I’ve mentioned before, should grow up and act like a developed country.

Probably the best place out there can be found over at the forums. Real troops and occassionaly a former AFG experienced boot, or someone heading over on the next tour weighs in. Top quality stuff, possibly because it’s from the people everyone in Canada should be listening too, but chooses not too. Their insights regarding morale, especially morale during the last two/three weeks of any tour, are required reading.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hey B

    You should check out You won’t be able to get to all the sections on this site, but it has a great news section. Its a compilation of all articles and editorials relating to the military.


  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks LT,

    there’s some good stuff on that site.

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