Chinese Blogging Craze

According to the Internet World Statistics, there were approximately 111,000,000 internet users in China as of June, 2005.

Shanghai Daily

CHINA is expected to have nearly 100 million bloggers in 2007 with the fast increase in the number of netizens.

The number of bloggers in the country this year may reach more than 60 million, said a report released by the research center of media management under Tsinghua University. According to a survey by, a major Chinese Internet search engine, there were about 36.82 million registered Chinese blog sites used by 16 million bloggers last year.

A quick break down of the increase of netizens in the P.R.C. over the last six years.

China Internet, Telecommunications and Market Report

In an effort to manage this massive pool of thought and expression (which apparently increases at a rate of 800,000 per week), the central government has deployed a legion of (estimated) 40,000 internet police which is without a doubt, quite good at what they do.

Therefore, in keeping with the theme, I’ve added a few other blogs to my roll:

Liam’s Cabana: A local chinese blog. I met Liam on the top of Huangshan and he’s quite inventive with a camera.
Single Planet: Top-notch commentary on environmental and development issues in China.
Panda Passport: A solid resource and blog for those considering teaching/studying/travelling in China. It even comes in Japanese and Chinese versions!

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