Real Photos from China

By Bryan • china • 6 May 2006

What is rarely reported in the Chinese and never in the Shanghai-boom-crazy Western media.

Via EastSouthWestNorth.

A survivor from the Mengjiagou mining disaster

That particular natural gas explosion killed 25 miners on March 30th, 2006, in Liaoning province, in Northeastern China.

The photos are by a 23 year old Shenyang man named Maohair (毛孩儿). Maohair runs a weblog (in Chinese) at MSN Spaces, although you can view some of his photos, via the albums. Microsoft (like Yahoo) holds sketchy principles when catering (aka bending over) for Chinese authorities, and I am hoping that Mao hair’s work falls under the radar of the internet content enforcers.

The links are anoymouse’d in an effort to deal with any pesky firewall issues. A warning though, some of the photos are quite graphic.


3 Responses

  1. lurky

    Terrifying indeed.But it’s real.

  2. Sue

    Maohair would have a heyday with his camera in North America. Looking at his pictures was like watching CTV News after a long weekend holiday here in Canada. Sometimes I think that we in the west are far too graphic and see way more than we need to. Maybe we are better off not seeing so much????? I have to say that I did get a laugh out of the scene of all the “underpants” drying in the sun!!

  3. Is Canada that bad now?

    I disagree, I beleive that only through seeing the bitter truth are we able to truly understand how awful somethings are, which in turn can act as a catalyst for change.

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