Pass the Peacekeeping, Please

Lewis Mackenzie’s respone to an recent article in the Walrus. He spells it out to Canada far, far better than I could.

It would be nice to solve the world’s security problems with insightful thoughts provided by Canada while others do the heavy lifting. Nice, but also humiliating, and insulting to the generations who went before us. Canadian soldiers are rightly offended when they are portrayed as social workers with guns.

Canada has a proud tradition of peacekeeping, but the demand for that kind of mission has dried up. Today’s bad guys don’t recognize the authority of the blue beret, so we have replaced it with a camouflaged Kevlar helmet. Still, the Canadian public has yet to acknowledge our new role. Maloney and Fennell’s article certainly helps to dispel the peacekeeping myth. For that, I’m confident our soldiers will thank the magazine.

The full thing…first letter.

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