Powering Asia

A much better map and general description of the Gateway pipeline as it weaves it’s way through Northern British Columbia.


Construction is slated to begin in 2008, with completion in 2010. I’m curious regarding the decision to blast a new line through above Monkman Park and through to Bear Lake instead of expanding the existing Pine Pass line. Different companies? Presence of seismic and minor pipelines in the Tumbler Ridge TSA? More direct route? Easy route access given the removal of Lodgepole Pine?

The New York Times recently ran a piece on the “Great Oil Game” between China and the West (namely the United States) over reserves in Central Asia, and to a lesser extent, Africa…although the west appears to have lost that match. But little is mentioned about Canada’s role as a massive supplier. In fact, little if anyone I’ve spoken to here (both foreign and local) seem to be aware of the oil reserves of Middle East proportions inhabiting the boreals of Northwestern Canada.

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