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Despite city, time zone, country or continent, basketball continues bite it’s evil fangs into my hide. As some may know, I harbor an intense dislike for the sport, a dislike which has not changed since I first picked up an orange ball back in grade one.

Few, if any people feel a need to respect this dislike, instead choosing to ignore it completely in the name of ‘fun’ forcing their views on the activity down my throat with the assumption that ‘he will learn to like it”. Fun is possibly the most subjective word in the English language. There is no fun in basketball for me. I take more pleasure in screwing a corkscrew into my arm. Teachers at my school are required to engage in ECA’s throughout their contracts (Extra Curricular Activitites). Tonight’s ECA, not surprisingly, was a teacher/staff vs. students basketball game. Each avenue of escape was blocked and I was cornered into a 3 on 3 half court disaster.

I dislike basketball even more when I’m forced to engage in it and as such, was particularly pissed off at being required ‘play’. I dance all day in the classroom, longing for the last class to end so I can get my ass out as fast as I can and engage in my primary activities. I do not want to be a monkey after class, especially while engaging in something you particularly hate with a passion.

I don’t think I’m well liked at my school anymore. Unfortunately, people never see me at athletic peak. In the mountains or on the snow.

I’ve thought strongly about tattooing “I hate basketball” on my forehead (in both Mandarin and English) in an effort to curb the endless requests to play and have ‘fun’.

But at least I have a good dinner planned for tonight.

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  1. Lucinda says:

    Sorry about the bball event. So I want more details about the “good dinner.” Hehe. How’d it go? And you missed one helllofa fun time Saturday night involving 16 kids who sure weren’t interested in English…(then again, I know no one interested in foreign language learning at 8pm on a Saturday).

  2. Bryan says:

    Oh, believe me, they tried to pawn that Saturday night session on me. In keeping with my over 18 policy, I ‘politely’ refused. Sorry about the fun times…but you have to admit, this school has got a bit more jive than the last crew I introduced you to.

    Details, eh? 我去了一个漂亮中国饭店. 好吃. 🙂

  3. Lurky says:

    Don’t feel bad about the bball event. We all know that except it, you are pretty good at a lot of things,like…just too many, blog anyway:) and the tattoo’s simply not gonna help since people will become even more curious about the reason why you hate bball so much while everybody enjoy the game. So just forget about it!

  4. Fraser says:

    I think you should go with the tattoo B…

  5. Melissa says:

    Yeah I think grade 1 gym class scarred us all for life. Haven’t heard from you in a gazillion years, email me!

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