Forest Fires

A little late on my part, but over the past few days a large forest fire was on the move towards Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, in China’s southwest region.

Firefighters were still combating the blaze on Wednesday as the western fire front continued to advance.

About 6,000 people have been mobilized to fight the fire, which has destroyed about 8,000 mu (533 hectares) of forest.

The fire has been aggravated by a prolonged drought and windy weather, said officials.

Six thousand fire fighters…and according to a friend of mine, zero air support.

The Yunnan fire brought about calls to from the government to increase fire protection activities around municipalities and cities within China’s forested regions. Yunnan Province borders Myanmar where significant amounts of Chinese dominated logging (both legal and illegal) have been occurring for the past several years. Sustainable practices are marginal, creating vast swaths of poorly restocked hillsides which are prime ground for giving birth to wild fires. Fires which have strange a habit of not recognizing borders.

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