A few blogs worth reading.

Added several blogs I recently surfed into.

Sprol: The Worst Places in the World – According to their bio Sprol “Sprol shows the visual macroscopic effects of the decisions and behavior of our society. Since previous generations have not had the advantage of this perspective it is our obligation to use it wisely.” Sprol uses images from Google Earth to display and comment on land-use change, disasters, pollution and resources. Very cool…except for Evil Google (I eagerly await a internet satellite photo challenger).

English Droid – An uttery hilarious look at the world of TEFL. Caution…unless you’ve actually taught English, you probably won’t understand most of the clever jokes.

China Invests in Alberta’s Oil Patch – The name reads like a headline, but it is indeed a blog covering current and imminent Chinese investment (aka – control) in the Canadian energy sector. (sorry Alberta, but you folks didnt’ create the oil).

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