Coal Futures

I few days ago I mentioned the the potential savings in coal usage given an increase in Chinese nuclear energy generation stations. Like trying to dig a hole in dry sand….

China plans to boost coal output by up to 18 percent before 2010 to meet soaring energy needs despite environmental concerns, a government newspaper quoted an industry official as saying.

Annual coal production is projected to reach as much as a record 2.6 billion tons in 2010, up from 2.19 billion tons last year

The good news is that while Nanjing continues to get hotter, the buildings dirtier and coal-related respiratory problems nastier we’ll at least have good supply of electricity. China has proven, recoverable coal reserves estimated at about 125 billion short tons, and potential reserves of as much as 4 trillion short tons. Enough to provide a good couple of centuries worth of electrical needs. We probably won’t be able to go outside, but hey, we’ll have crispy cool apartments!

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