Chinese Nuclear Policy

Of course posting when I should be brushing up on other items, but the internet is such an addiction, and thinking about nuclear power leads, naturally, to thinking about nuclear weapons. Namely, what is China’s Nuclear Doctrine?

Apparently, there is confusion over exactly what Chinese nuclear doctrine actually entails, as the Chinese government, while hinting at their policy, has never provided a concrete explanation as to their policy in regards to nuclear weapons usage.

China appears to follow a retaliation strategy similar to one of delayed second strike (DSS). This means that China will retaliate after withstanding a nuclear strike, rather than attempting either a launch under attack (LUA) or a launch-on-warning (LOW)-type strategy, where missiles are launched after detection of an attack but before impact. China currently does not possess the requisite early warning capabilities needed to move toward a LOW-type policy. It is not clear, however, in what time frame China would retaliate after an initial nuclear attack. The long launch preparation time of Chinese missiles reduces their ability to conduct a LUA or LOW attack.

Essentially minimal deterrence, a strategy by which any counterattack is deemed to be to small to destroy the attacker, but which may prevent further attacks. It seemed to be the general consensus up to 2000, when a new report was released outlining several points which seemed to suggest that the Chinese were moving closer towards limited deterrence, or a deterrence which involved fielding a more sophisticated nuclear force capable of exercising more control on the battlefield. Most likely a response to increase deterrent credibility against increased US moves towards ICBM defenses.

More fodder for the new cold war protagonists, although I’m afraid I’ve introduced myself to deterrent theory, which I find very cool and fascinating. Unfortunately, it is of no use to anyone, or anything.

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  1. Manda says:

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  4. goebbels says:

    Limited detterence, the concept is kind of facinating. It would interest me to know what other kinds of Nuclear policies are used by some of the other nuclear armed nations, namely Israel. It seems as if the bigger powers, the US and probably China as well have been able to use rationality to prevent any major nuclear catastrophe, however its a little scary that smaller states such as Isreal, Pakistan and maybe Iran in the near future will probably be placed into situations where the risk of nuclear war is much greater. I wonder what kind of policy they prescribe to.

  5. Bryan says:

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  6. Manda says:

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    Blocking emails just results in M creating new addresses.

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