Gǎnmào 感冒

By Bryan • china • 14 Mar 2006

Been kissin’ the porcelain king the past few days. Sick, sick sick. The 3 day March sickness is now a yearly event!

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  1. lurking_administrator

    Sorry to interrupt.But you’ve got the wrong tone here.Work on your Chinese more, that’s all I have to say.Luckily I’ve got no flu till now this year.Immune to it because of more exercise.

  2. harsh words from lurky, but yes, my chinese sucks.

  3. sue

    Hope you get over it quickly – don’t get too dehydrated! Aren’t you glad you aren’t on a train this year?
    Feel better soon!

  4. lurking_administrator

    Was kidding.Your Chinese is not bad.Practise!You’ll get much better.Hope nobody get sick!!!#$???

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