Polluting Brews

The upside to every ecological disaster, in this case the benzene catastrophe in the Songhua river in December of 2005, is that it is likely to stir shit and instigate much needed change and reform.

China has closed a brewery and distillery that allegedly polluted a river with grain waste, which fermented into sticky, yellow globs and frightened residents following a spate of chemical spills, the government said Friday.

A nearby butchering plant was also closed for reportedly polluting the Hailang River, a major drinking water source for Mudanjiang, a northeastern city of 80,000 people, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Xinhua quoted experts as saying the alcohol producers had dumped into the river “a great deal of grain” that fermented due to warming weather, causing clumps of microorganisms to form.

The whole thing.

The frightening piece is that operators like these would have gone unnoticed and would be currently continuing their practices had one of their collegues been slightly more careful in cover their polluting operations.

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