Just as I’m off to enjoy the snow of Yabuli, I’m going to plug my old hill. The Powder King we all once knew and loved has returned (hopefully). It is awesome to see dignity and pride return to that great mountain!

and…for anyone who’s played any sort of RPG. Remember your quest has dire consequences on the homefront !

And what’s this I hear about you spending all sorts of money on a new look? Shopkeeper tells me that you sold the axe you’ve had since childhood in favor of one made of iron, and that you’re already thinking of buying the double-edged silver one on display. I’ve never known you to be so flippant with money! He also mentioned that you traded in the sweater I made you for Christmas in exchange for a wooden breastplate. I understand that you’ll need protection on your journey, but was it really necessary to discard the sweater I lovingly crafted just to fit a few more spider legs in your pack?

You’re not the same man I fell in love with, Jorn, but I did fall in love with you and held on thinking things could work out. Therefore it is only with a heavy heart that I must break the news to you: I met another man.

Do you remember Townsperson, the guy with the brown hair? Well we got to talking while you were off on your adventure and it turns out he’s an incredibly kind and caring man. He walks in a circular pattern around one corner of town for a living, and he does so with a quiet resolve that stirs feelings inside me which I haven’t experienced in years. His job may not be glamorous, but men like him are the glue that holds together the very society that you and your dopey friends claim to be saving.

The whole thing.

Happy new year!

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  1. Bryan says:

    grrr…I’m jealous. Sort of snowed in Nanjing a few days ago.

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