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Further evidence that foreigners are exploited and then viciously marketed for their ‘foreignerness’ while in China.

The Instructors Cadre at Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort, near Chengdu.

I suspect these fine looking fellows are not ski/board instructors. Although, given that it is in Southwest China, I could very well be mistaken.

Founded in 2003,Xiling School has excellent staff including dozens of skiing coaches possessing skiing theory, skills and teaching experiences.hile we also study foreign advanced theory and teaching system and let two professional skiing coaches with abound teaching experiences be in charge of teaching administrative work.

Yay, skiing theory. Well that sure took the fun out of the sport.

Some light bedtime reading courtesy of the University of Idaho:

15.1.1 Sidecut radius of a ski
The sidecut radius of a ski is a design feature of a ski found by assuming the ski edge is an arc of a circle and determining the radius of that circle.

The following calculation descibes the radius of a circle if you know the parameters of a sector of the circle. A sector is found by cutting off the edge of a circle, or disc, with a straight cut that is perpendicular to the radius.


The ski edge forms the arc of the circle in the wedge.
The contact line is the line running from the widest point on the tip of the ski to the widest point on the tail of the ski.
The sidecut depth of the ski is the maximum height of the ski edge measured from the contact line.

define the variables

L = length of the contact line
d = sidecut depth
Rsc = sidecut radius
then the sidecut radius is

Rsc = (L^2/4 + d^2) / (2*d)

And you thought ski bums were stupid, shame on you.

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