Straight from the Onion: The next generation of first person shooters.

“With Stacker, the player interacts with an environment full of boxes—lightweight, uniformly brown boxes with rounded corners—and uses diligence and repetitive hard work to complete his mission,” said Doug Benzies, Stacker’s chief developer. “We’re confident that the new ‘reluctantly interactive’ content engine we designed will prevent any excitement or emotional involvement, inappropriate or otherwise, on the part of the player.”

I used to have a gameboy, and one of the titles I had was Boxel. You played the role of a lonely warehouse employee skillfully manuevering wooden boxes in an effort to earn enough cash to purchase a gift for you significant other. That was the plot. My dad loved the game. If I couldn’d find my gameboy, I didn’t have to look far for it.

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  1. Ron says:

    Bryan just so you know the box game is spelled Boxle. We still have that game but we have never solved all the levels despite hours of moving boxes around.

  2. Bryan says:

    I’ve got the game on my mobile phone. Exact clone with the same levels.

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