Not sure whether to laugh or cry…..

Discussion of the Albertan seperation movement over at Canada.com

Actually, I’ve been hearing much about this ‘situation’ on many forums and the on various news networks. Some have even mentioned it as being an election issue.

Therefore, I thought I’d weigh in on it.

I would say that what annoys me the most about people advocating seperation of Alberta, is that it is largely rooted in their ability to be economically self-sufficient, yet they mask that obvious fact by claiming political ‘alienation’ from Ottawa.

I’m not jealous of the economic situation in Alberta, largely because I know I could easily make my way there and get my own piece of pie. What does oil my wheels (heh heh) is the pretentious attitude of those benefiting from the economic success. It is a geographical coincidence that Albertan borders, which were created in a map room, happened to correspond with large fossil fuel deposits. I don’t believe the average Albertan is any brighter, industrious or creative than the average Canadian. Do they fancy themselves alongside such self-made powerhouses as Silicon Valley and Redmond? Financial success in Alberta is the result of geologic forces at work, out of their control, millions of years ago. If Albertans were modern day alchemists and had devised a method to turn water into oil, I would surrender to the notion that they had created their prosperity themselves. But they didn’t. They just happened to live on the right piece of land, hardly grounds for the irritating manner in which I am consistently reminded of their ‘economic wealth as if it was a rags to riches story. I don’t see any Andrew Carnegies churning out of Big A.

Oil royalties belong to the Albertan government to do with as they please. I can somewhat understand the ‘angst’ at having to fork some over to the Feds. Yet I don’t believe this affects the average Albertan salary in any large way. Sorry…maybe they will only get a 400 dollar rebate this year, not 600. Yet, sometimes I want to say “grow up guys….your like the kid who doesn’t share his chocolate covered granola bar at recess…you get one everyday, you won’t even notice if you give out a quarter of it….still tastes the same”. Greedy? Maybe that is too nasty of a word, but I unfortunately cannot pull another adjective. You can hide it by claiming you are politically outcast, but I wouldn’t say anymore than B.C. or the Yukon…where people talk ‘separation’ but as a joke and usually while high. Nor is Alberta a ‘distinct society’, unless one counts the religious factor, which I believe is blown way out of proportion.

Yeah, so that is how I feel.

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  1. barbara says:

    Bill and I will buy you a nice present with our cheques this year Bryan! (Just kidding, I totally agree with you, but we are happy to be receiving the extra money) 🙂

  2. Bryan says:

    Lucky bums!

    I still get my GST rebates 🙂

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