Fun at China Telecom

I generally recieve two responses to my queries here. The first being a frightened flee to the santurary and safety of fellow co-workers, this is usually followed by a muffled ting bu dong.. The second, not much better, is a flutter of giggles and the very asian response of placing one’s hand over one’s mouth…this is immediately followed by a flee to the sanctuary and safety of fellow co-workers where the event is discussed in detail.

I believe they’ve aquired the stereotype that I, as the loud, obnoxious foreigner (yes, we are all viewed in this light) is going pull apart the steel bars, smash through the meter thick marble countertop and begin to tear the place apart, starting with the unfortunate host…if I am not given what I want.

Today was somewhere in the middle (is this a sign that I’m making progress?) I recieved the standard giggle upon my initial request..ah ha!, yet there was no where for this young lass to run! She HAD to serve me. Desperately looking for a way out, nervous glances were shot to both counter neighbours, one of whom had already made an effort to aquire an Chinese customer. The other, while frantically scrambling for an opportune exit managed only a weak wimper of support before convientely discovering something wrong with her workstation. The cornered clerk knew she was finished…it was all over….”….nihao?”

“我的上网。 我要买更多了” (My internet. I want to buy more)

“…..什么? 上网。。。? (….what? Internet?)

“对。 这是我的单据, 号码? (Yes. This is my invoice, ok?)

“阿,好” (ok…giggle giggle giggle)

….I got my internet.

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  1. Sue says:

    Woo hoo – hey you ARE making progress. At least we can all rest assured that this blog will keep running. Hey how do you say Happy Birthday in mandarin? Its somebody’s birthday here today !!! (hint hint)

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