Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover.

Remember the three R campaign that we were forced fed back in elementary school? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…I think a fourth R was added later…Recover. But this caused much difficulty for organizers, as the forth letter created somewhat of a marketing obstacle. Forced to deal with this spunky and eager to make-a-name newcomer the ad wizards, in a move of pure brilliance and originality, tacked the name on the back of the already mass produced jingle and animated infomercial series. Thus, Recover was forever to live in the shadow of his three larger and more popular siblings. A noble name, lost forever among to an emerging green generation. Which is probably why you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Recover has found a new home and is flourishing.

As of today, the demolition of a strip of buildings near my home is entering into its mechanical and possibly final stage. Seven exciting months of manual structural annihilation came to close this afternoon as an excavator/dump truck team moved in to scrap up the last remnants of what was once a very ugly and destitute brick monstrosity.

Having first hand witnessed marathon of carefully orchestrated destruction every day for the past 7 months (with the exception of July/August) I have truly developed a fine sense towards the impeccable recovery habits in this country.

Brick by brick, pipe by pipe, wire by excruciating wire, these buildings were carefully deconstructed into their primal components. Each piece of rebar was removed from their concrete prisons using nothing more than sledge hammers and rock picks and then stacked three meters high on to the back of waiting long boxes. Mortar, brick, steel, iron, ceramic tiles…anything of apparent use was collected, stacked and shipped.

I’m extremely curious as to what is now going to grace this side of this once very active street. I’m hoping a park…. ‘

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