By Bryan • china • 27 Oct 2005

Hey, who is who in the Fras’s Hockey Pool? I just realized I could drop and add players….and I thought I was going to be stuck with a retired, and therefore somewhat useless Brett Hull for the whole season.


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  1. Fraser

    lol – yeah doug cheaped you out on that trade!

    Vince : Pure Ownage
    Fraser : Steel Curtain
    Doug : Oakland Seals
    Mel : Mighty Mel
    Mike Girard : Discovery Channel
    Bill : Hustlers
    Matt : Frank’s Sleepers

    The rest you dont know. Also, there is a max of 15 add/drop/trades for the season, just so you know.

  2. Bryan

    Well, history will be the judge on that wisdom of that trade, but so far it looks like the Comrades are holding their own against the Seals!

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