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Last week a Korean student was killed in Nanjing…by his friends. Apparently after a classic night of heavy drinking, the student and his friends returned to their university (can’t remember the name, but one of the less well-known institutions in Nanjing) where they proceeded to beat the crap out of one-another. Not sure what the catalyst was, but one of them won’t be studying Chinese or eating kimchee anymore.

My department received a memo from foreign affairs urging all foreign experts and students to ‘refrain’ from bouts of heavy drinking.

Nanjing has a subway system, although it is not yet fully operational. The Xinjiekou station doubles as a pedestrian underpass and underground shopping district, so I’ve had the opportunity to check out the goods. It is amazing. After wandering through the small open section, I’m left wondering whether or not I am actually in China. It could be any western city in the world. Can’t wait until this bad boy goes fully online…I’m getting tired having to fight old ladies for the opportunity to ride the roller coaster bus system.

I’m reading the back of my bag of bread:

Mankattan Complete Nutrition Bread utilizes only first class material and American baking methods, so the high quality of every slice is guaranteed. The sweet milk flavor will surprise and delight you. At the same time, this bread is unusually rich in proteins, vitamins B1 and B2, as well as other nutrients. Nutritious breakfasts begin with delicious Mankattan Corn and Milk Bread.

Mankattan Complete Bread mixture will give you nutrition balance and everyday health.

For some reason, I’m left thinking about milk in bags.

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