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  1. M says:

    it is a sin watching movies . Ahh aaaaa ! Ilussion . you rather listen to music that makes a part of you while you are listening to it .

  2. mel says:

    Hey B, Do you know this guy? Wow, interesting to say the least anyways.

  3. Bryan says:

    The IP address originates somewhere in the Phillipines…the best strategy is to just ignore M.

  4. Fraser says:

    Just like we ignore the giant octupus in the kitchen.

    (hehe obligatory family guy reference)

  5. M says:

    You know mel , when i have not visited this website and commented here . hmmmmm ….

    Bryan Crosby removed the priviled of viewing his website .

    So it’s a consolation for you for me to be here .

    You don’t know what you are talking about . You don’t know.

    Sorry probably this is the last time for me to be here.

    Next time you make a blog .”Mel” if you are going to ‘ If ever you know how to ‘

    Don’t make it like this

    You Are All funny BYe ! Byyyeeee !

    Why should I be here ! anyway ! I have so many things involved ..

    Thank You !

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