Another theory on what China is really up to in regards with Taiwan.

China has a formidable land-based military force, but in order to become a regional superpower, it must also possess sea power. As China becomes more dependent on oil imports, naval strength is required to maintain its energy and maritime security. But China’s navy cannot move beyond the boundaries of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, and is locked in by a chain of islands which keeps it from exerting influence in the Pacific. Therefore, control over Taiwan is of strategic military importance to China, in its goal of projecting power in the region.

If Beijing does gain control over Taiwan, its submarines will be given a berth in Ilan County in eastern Taiwan, making the Taiwan Strait domestic Chinese waters and instantly making it a dominant Pacific nation, placing the South China Sea within range of China’s military.

To quote the ever present excuse used by everyone for everything these days:

“Dude, it’s all about the oil man! The oil!”

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