Noodle Madness

I was chowing down on some gong bao ji ding at one of the friendly neighborhood hole-in-wall eateries/restaurants/noodle joints tonight and was treated to some classic Chinese entertainment. Most of these places are about as clean as Michael Jackson, so if you’re into serious hygiene and spatial purity, fillin’ up at these shacks probably isn’t for you. Personally, I think they kick ass, and I’ve never gotten sick at one.

It is standard practice to serve patrons scalding hot water in .1mm thick plastic beverage containers, yet the 100 degree Celsius water was not the issue tonight, rather, a fellow customer was reasonably displeased with the dust level in his particular beverage holding device. He immediately expressed his absolute outrage as such a travesty, scratching and pawing inside the innocent and unsuspecting hollow plastic cylinder, undoubtedly increasing the bacterial content exponentially.

The host immediately shot back with something which I’m sure was along the lines of “if you don’t like it, get the hell out of my restaurant!” The argument continued, eventually pulling in two other members of the owning family and the muffled laughter of one red-jacketed foreigner in the far corner. Eventually, the hygiene professor succumbed to sheer decibel strength of his opponents and retreated back to his bowl of noodles…with a full cup of water.

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